Cake Packing Machine

Package rates average 90 to 130 packages per minute Dimensions: length 400 cm, width 120 cm, height 150 cm Power: 3/35 kW Electric eye system PLC systems.Cost of electricity: The Tariff of 1390 (the time), 480, 276 rials Standard for packaging food, health and This device is out of service after sales This machine has a one year warranty .

width :
100 cm
length :
385 cm
height :
170 cm
weight :
400 kg
number of package :
60-220 per min
power :
3 kw


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Product description

we are the first established company manufacturing pillow and fllow packing machines  in Iran, with more than 40 years experience in this field ,and also export our products to more than 20 countries in the world.

Adili packing machinery is the first designer and provider of the rules of domestic standards in fllow packing industry .

We have the honor of innovating and designing according the customer order.

 Adili Machine with the well trained staff of expert is ready to respond and providing timely and special service . our company as one of the biggest manufacturers in Iran, is able to designe , develop, implement and excute packing lines in any size and volume, all based on our clients' need.


This machine is suitable for packing all kinds of cakes ,biscuittes t bear,ice cream,chocolate,Nagorno Qrvt,Muscat,crackers,Baslvq,candy canes,of filing honey,sponge cake,carrot cake,crystal cake,cupcake,frog cake,snowball cake,sun cake,whoopie pies,welsh cake,Gob cake,flourless chocolate cake,laming tones,chocolate lava cake,black and white cookies,boort sog,Bredela,butter cookies,chocolate biscuit,cornish fairing,fig roll,chocolate chip cookies,chocolate cookies,peanut butter cookies,sugar cookies,ginger cookies,Benne wafer,sesame seed cookie,Bourbon ball,Buckeye cookie,Butter ball, etc